Things to consider when choosing tiles

choosing tiles tips

The different types of indoor and outdoor tiles.

When choosing tiles for your home or workplace, there are a few things you should consider to ensure the tiles meet your intended use, durability, maintenance and design requirements.


Different areas of the home have varying requirements when it comes to tile choice. Will the tiles get slippery and become dangerous when wet (i.e. on a patio or pathway)? Is it a high-traffic area that will get dirty very easily and need frequent washing?

tile choice tips


The texture of floor tiles is particularly important to ensure they’re non-slip. Shiny floor tiles may require more cleaning to retain their glassy appearance.


Are the tiles being laid in a high traffic area such as a hallway or entry? Do they need to be scratch proof?

choose tile tips


Some tiles may require more regular maintenance such as cleaning and sealing.


Some tiles are high maintenance whilst others are better at resisting stains and moisture. Speak to our tilers about the different materials available and what will best suit your requirements.

tips for choosing tiles
Tile colour and design can transform an area.

Colour / pattern

Tile choice can be used to create or enhance a specific interior design style while the colour and pattern of tiles can transform a space.  Generally, light coloured tiles can make a room appear larger while dark tiles can add drama and may make a space appear smaller.

Size / shape

The size and shape of tiles can completely change the visual impact of a tiled area. Larger tiles generally make a room appear larger and more expansive. Smaller tiles can be used to create intricate patterns or draw the eye to a particular area.

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The materials used to make the tiles affect the cost. Some tiles take longer to install and require more technical expertise which adds to installation costs.

Grout colour

Grout colour can be used to either blend in or stand out. Darker grout usually works better for high-traffic floor tiles.

Choosing the perfect tiles

Do you need help choosing the right tiles for your home or workplace? Contact our expert tilers. We’re here to help.

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