Why do tiles crack? Cracked tile repairs.

cracked tile repairs

Common reasons why tiles crack

Typically, tiles don’t crack because of a manufacturing fault.  It is often due to building movement, incorrect laying of the tiles or waterproofing problems.  If you’ve got cracked tiles, contact our expert tiles for advice as it could be a sign of a bigger problem.

Cracks that run across several tiles

  • Movement in the substrate caused by structural problems can cause cracking across several tiles.
  • If tiles have been laid on a new concrete slab, and the concrete hasn’t been given enough time to cure, shrinkage in the concrete can transfer to the tiles.
  • Foundation rod stress during concrete settling and curing can cause tiles to crack.

Cracks where old tiles and new tiles meet

  • Typically due to expansion or movement in the substrate joint

Cracks where different floor types meet

  • Cracking along the joint of different floor types indicates movement in the joint.

Cracks in tile corners

  • Faulty laying of the tiles and/or application of the tile adhesive. Can you hear a hollow sound when you tap the tiles?

Broken and cracked tile repairs

Northern Beaches and North Shore Sydney

Rather than replacing all your tiles just because a few are cracked or broken, our tilers can often repair and replace cracked and chipped tiles.  Not only will our tile repair service save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars, but it ensures you’re back walking on your floor quickly.

With 25+ years of experience, you can trust our expert tilers to deliver exceptional results that will withstand the demands of your busy lifestyle whilst enhancing the value of your property.

We service Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Upper North Shore and Lower North Shore.

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