Waterproofing Services

Northern Beaches Waterproofers. Fully licensed and insured.

Our expert waterproofers will ensure that all wet areas of your home – inside and out – are watertight.  We can solve existing waterproofing problems or waterproof renovations and new builds that will prevent costly waterproofing problems down the track.

Did you know that waterproofing of wet areas in all property types (residential, strata and commercial buildings) is one of the most common building defects?

Our waterproofers can determine the source of the problem and stop water leaks in their tracks, giving you peace of mind and protecting your valuable asset.

We use only the best quality materials and our workmanship exceeds Australian Standards.

How our waterproofers can assist

  • Bathrooms – showers, baths, floor and wall tiles. We offer a complete shower restoration service that includes removing existing tiles, waterproofing and retiling the area, leaving your shower looking as good as new.
  • Tile waterproofing – in many cases, we can fix waterproofing problems without removing any tiles. Our “No Tiles Removed” waterproofing method can save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars as you won’t have to replace existing tiles. It also means your bathroom is ready for use again much quicker.
  • Balconies – residential, strata and commercial.
  • Rooftop gardens
  • Patios and courtyards – drainage and water run-off
  • Pool waterproofing and retiling
  • Waterproofing certificates – A waterproofing certificate confirms that a waterproofing system or product used in a building or construction project complies with the relevant Australian waterproofing standards and regulations.

Signs you may have a waterproofing problem

  • Tile grout : Tile grout may become crumbly and disintegrate due to constant moisture. Due to this, tiles may even start coming off the walls.
  • Silicone : Silicon products used to “plug” gaps, seal joints and repair cracks are usually only a temporary fix. Deteriorating or mouldy silicone can be a sign that your shower is leaking.
  • Walls : Water damage can cause the wall material to swell and contract causing walls to warp.
  • Smell : If you can smell mildew then this is usually due to dampness caused by a leak and is rotting timber and wall materials.
  • Bubbling paint : Moisture commonly causes paint to bubble as the water prevents the paint from adhering to the wall.
  • Skirting boards : Swollen skirting boards are a typical sign that water is penetrating behind the wall. You may also notice skirting board paint peeling or discolouring.
  • Stains : Water damage will create visible stains on walls.
  • Doors : Water causes timber to swell and contract. You may notice doors become stuck and are harder to open and close.

Over the past 25+ years, Northern Beaches Tiling has built a solid reputation based on excellent quality and exceptional service. Our waterproofers are fully licensed and insured to undertake all indoor and outdoor waterproofing projects.  Based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, our waterproofers offer emergency 24/7 waterproofing assistance, including all suburbs on the Upper and Lower North Shore.

To discuss your waterproofing problems and the best solution available to give you complete peace of mind, give our team a call.  We’re here to help.