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waterproofing certificates

What is a waterproofing certificate?

Waterproofing is a critical part of construction and is one of the most common building defects.   It is extremely important in wet areas where water damage can cause significant structural damage, and pose health and safety risks. These areas include bathrooms, balconies and roofs.

A waterproofing certificate is a document that confirms that a waterproofing system or product used in a building or construction project complies with the relevant Australian waterproofing standards and regulations.

A waterproofing certificate can be issued by a licensed waterproofer, like Northern Beaches Tiling, or a qualified building inspector after inspecting and testing the waterproofing system.

A waterproofing certificate provides assurance to property owners, building contractors, and local councils that the waterproofing system in a building is compliant and has been installed correctly.

Signs you may have a waterproofing problem

  • Tile grout : Tile grout may become crumbly and disintegrate due to constant moisture. Due to this, tiles may even start coming off the walls.
  • Silicone : Silicon products used to “plug” gaps, seal joints and repair cracks are usually only a temporary fix. Deteriorating or mouldy silicone can be a sign that your shower is leaking.
  • Walls : Water damage can cause the wall material to swell and contract causing walls to warp.
  • Smell : If you can smell mildew then this is usually due to dampness caused by a leak and is rotting timber and wall materials.
  • Bubbling paint : Moisture commonly causes paint to bubble as the water prevents the paint from adhering to the wall.
  • Skirting boards : Swollen skirting boards are a typical sign that water is penetrating behind the wall. You may also notice skirting board paint peeling or discolouring.
  • Stains : Water damage will create visible stains on walls.
  • Doors : Water causes timber to swell and contract. You may notice doors become stuck and are harder to open and close.

Speak to a licensed waterproofer

Our licensed waterproofers specialise in waterproofing all wet areas of the home and workplace including bathrooms, laundries, kitchens, balconies, rooftops and planter boxes. We use only quality materials and our workmanship exceeds the Australian Standard requirements. We’re so confident in our waterproofing services, we offer a 15 year guarantee.

For all your waterproofing repairs and remedial works, contact our friendly team for advice. We service Sydney’s Northern Beaches, North Shore and North Sydney areas, 24 hours / 7 days.