Why wall and floor tiles should be laid by an professional tiler

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Wall and floor tiling requires a high level of expertise.

Do-it-yourself tilers not only risk a poor result aesthetically, but a lack of experience can lead to expensive water leaks and dangerous drainage problems.

The use of tiles throughout your home, whether they’re on the wall or floor, can transform any space.  Not only are they versatile and durable, but the choice of tile can add a touch of sophistication and interior design style.

The rise in popularity of DIY home renovation shows has seen many homeowners try DIY tiling. In this article, our professional tilers have listed reasons why DIY tiling is not recommended and the importance of employing an experienced tiler to undertake the work.

In short, professional tilers work efficiently and can overcome obstacles before and during the project.  They work quickly without compromising on quality, potentially saving the homeowner both time and money in the long run.

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Surface preparation is paramount.

One of the keys to perfect tile installation is proper surface preparation. A professional tiler will ensure the surface is level, correctly preparing the substrate, before laying a single tile.

With years of experience, our tilers can identify potential issues like uneven surfaces, substrate instability, damp and moisture problems and can take the steps necessary to rectify them.

The slope of tiles is paramount to provide adequate drainage. This prevents water ingress (rain hitting a balcony and running into the house), water moving in the wrong direction (i.e. from the shower into the bathroom) or pooling / puddling.

Improper and inadequately laid tiles can lead to water moving in the wrong direction.   Not only is this unsightly and can lead to mould, but it can be very dangerous.  Water pooling on a patio or balcony can be a potential slip hazard.

Preparation lays the foundation for a durable and aesthetically correct tile installation.

DIY homeowners often do not have the expertise or qualifications to identify, let alone fix, building problems such as these.

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Tilers have experience working with different types of tiles.

Professional tilers have expertise working with all the different types of tiles that are available including ceramic, porcelain, marble, kit kat, and mosaic. Depending on the tile material and style, each requires experience in cutting, fitting and alignment.  It’s not one size fits all.

Tiling projects completed by a skilled tiler (like the team at Northern Beaches Tiling) will ensure a seamless result.

Preventing tiles from loosening and cracking.

Professional tilers know exactly what materials (adhesives, grout, etc) and installation techniques are necessary for a flawless result.

Without the correct material application and tiling technique, the tile surface is at risk of becoming loose and cracking.  Importantly, the tiles may allow water to penetrate to the substrate causing damage that can be costly to rectify and repair.

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Don’t compromise on quality to save a few bucks.

Professional tilers work quickly and efficiently.  This equates to excellent value for money.

A DIY tile installation can not only result in an inferior result but inexperience can lead to errors that increase project costs when a professional tiler is called upon to rectify mistakes.

Save time and money and employ a professional tiler from the outset. A quality result that will stand the test of time.

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Australian standards and waterproofing compliance.

In Australia, there are building codes and Australian Standards regulations that stipulate the waterproofing requirements of wet areas such as bathrooms and balconies.

A waterproofing certificate must be issued by a licensed waterproofer (like the waterproofers at Northern Beaches Tiling). It may also be provided by a qualified building inspector after inspecting and testing the waterproofing system.

Waterproofing is a critical part of construction and is one of the most common building defects.   Waterproofing is particularly important in wet areas such as bathrooms, balconies and roofs where water damage can cause significant structural damage and pose health and safety risks.

A waterproofing certificate assures property owners, building contractors, and local councils that the waterproofing system in a building is compliant and has been installed correctly.

It is also very important that where surfaces like walls or floors meet, they must be properly waterproofed to prevent water from penetrating through the joints.

If you’re retiling a wet area, like a bathroom or balcony, then additional waterproofing work may be required – not just to protect the substrate, but also because it’s the law.  A waterproofing certificate may also be necessary. If you’re unsure, contact us for advice.

Licenses and insurance guarantee all tiling work.

Our tilers are not only highly qualified but have the licenses and insurance that guarantee all tiling work is completed.  This gives our customers the assurance that all work will not only look fantastic but is completed to Australian Standards.

A professionally tiled surface should not only withstand daily wear and tear but will be long-lasting, and shouldn’t require repair or replacement for a very long time.

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